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CS540 Plantronics Headsets

Every time you miss a call, you leave yourself twice as much work to do retrieving a message, looking up a number, returning the call, and possibly finding that the moment has passed. Plantronics’ wireless headsets are so comfortable and discreet that you may forget you’re wearing them – until that crucial call comes through, and you’re ready to respond instantly. It’s just a better way to do business.

Plantronics Headsets give a maximum 100 metres’ range (about 50 metres in a typical office), so you can stretch your legs, attend a meeting, touch base with a colleague, grab a coffee, and still be confident that your team or customers will get straight through to you   with up to 9 hours talk time.

The sound-quality with the noise-cancelling microphone is superb, and the talk- and standby-time is excellent. You set the volume, and can set it to mute if you need to confer. This is a great opportunity for busy executives and managers to maximise their productivity whilst in the office.

Answer Your Phone When You’re Away From Your Desk

The must-have addition to your Plantronics® cordless headset system
The Plantronics HL10 automatic handset lifter enables one-touch call answer/end for compatible Plantronics headsetsystems.

Completes your cordless headset system
Enjoy the full mobility of cordless conversations. Roam around your workspace. knowing that you’ll be notified when a call is received—and you can answer and hang up whenever you choose.

Lifts handset and returns it to the cradle at the touch of a button
On most desktop phones, the HL10 lifts up and replaces the handset so you don’t have to be at your desk to answer the phone or to hang up.

Takes up no desktop space
Because the HL10 fits under the handset on your desktop phone, it requires no additional space on your desktop, and the discreet, stylish design is backed by a one-year warranty.